Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Laskar Pelangi an inspiring movie that must be watch.

Just watch Laskar Pelangi. A very touching and inspiring movie. It is about a group of kids, who eager to study and gaining knowledge. Taking scene at 1979 at Bintong Indonesia, an old school SD MUHAMMADIYAH who are willing to teach to poor kids who desire knowledge for free. The school opens wtih only 10 students, each from very poor family background. 

The main character, Ikal, was a students at Sd Muhammadiyah, and later on at 1999, he succeed to achieve his dream on getting study at Paris. But, the story really is not about his successes, but their obstacles and challenges that he and his friends faced until they succeed. Lintang, a very inspiring character, who is Ikal's best friend. The only son in his family and is the eldest in the family, has the maternal mortality and the only father who worked as a fisherman. Lintang's father determined to let Lintang study even he knows Lintang is the only person who can help him seek for needs. Lintang's father knows, with knowledge, Lintang can change their lives. Therefore, Lintang eager and determined as his father wants to, to study and gaining knowledge. It is not just Lintang that in Lanskar Pelangi's character who is inspiring, but, each of Muhammadiyah's students. That is why, their teacher Chekgu Mus called them all, LASKAR PELANGI. :)

At the climax of the movie, there's sad and happiness. Ikal and Lintang, succeed on winning a school quizzes championship. But, the sad comes when Lintang's  father died. Lintang can no longer study because he has to take care of his family. Ouh, watching these climax make my tear falls down. Such a great kid, but cannot study because of his family condition. Therefore, Us, who still capable to study and gain knowledge, do not stop learning. because, with knowledge, our life could change. :) :) :) :) :)

here's some quotes taken from Laskar Pelangi : 

" Hiduplah dengan memberi sebanyak-banyaknya, bukannya menerima sebanyak-banyaknya "

" Carilah ilmu selagi mampu, kerana dengan ilmu bisa mengubah kehidupan "
 mendongak melihat masa hadapan :)

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